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Low Energy? Try These CBD Oils

lowv energy and cbd oils

The CBD industry is projected to increase its worth by over $20 billion in less than five years, which says a lot about the consumer interest in it. These are great words that will change you if you suffer from low energy issues!

With numerous studies validating its claim to improve health and treat a wide array of conditions, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see CBD go mainstream.

Most of the attention is on pain alleviation and getting rid of stress; but did you know that CBD oil is also proven to help stabilize energy levels?

Experts now contend that the product is a natural treatment for fatigue. The energy-enhancing power of CBD isn’t merely a claim or theory – there’s sufficient scientific proof.

The Effects of CBD on the Human Body

CBD is one of the several compounds that make up cannabis. It comes from the same source as THC, but it doesn’t possess psychoactive properties.

THC is the one that makes you “high.” Most CBD products have traces of THC in them, but it’s on a shallow concentration.

Unlike the stigma of using cannabis in general, CBD begs to differ as it is entirely safe to use.

It is currently manufactured in different forms and modes of delivery, i.e., topicals, edibles, pills, patches; but consuming it as pure oil is by far the most prominent method.

Not long ago, medical experts figured out that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which itself is a recent discovery.

The compound stimulates the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, both of which are responsible for improved brain and organ functions.

The body produces trace amounts of CBD naturally, so it makes sense for a person to consume more as it brings forth a handful of health benefits.

How CBD Oils Help to Increase Low Energy

CBD works by regulating systemic deficiencies in the body; in so doing, it helps keep the cells healthy. Since it compensates what our body fails to produce in sufficient amounts, the consumption of CBD helps in achieving homeostasis.

You’ve grown accustomed to finding drugs and supplements to relieve pain, stop inflammation, and treat certain illnesses.

But did you know that CBD offers an all-inclusive health package? This cannabis compound comes with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties.

Taking CBD oil and other CBD-based products will help you get almost everything you need for improved physical health and well-being.

There’s no shortage of research about the prospect of CBD in lowering blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and even blood pressure. There’s already a well-documented study about CBD’s effectiveness in reducing the symptoms of epilepsy and fibromyalgia.

Safe Solution for Energy Boost

A new frontier in the study of CBD focuses on how it helps increase energy levels. Four out of 10 people rely on pills and caffeine (coffee and energy drinks) to get a quick boost of energy.

But the side effects of those remedies are well-known to everyone. The bottom line is too much consumption of caffeine and taking controlled substances place you on the wrong path health-wise.

On the other hand, CBD has the potential of providing the same boost of energy minus the side effects and long-term consequences.

Aside from keeping you alert and eliminating that typical mid-day slump, there’s a promise for CBD to treat long-term chronic fatigue.

It’s a condition that doctors are yet to understand completely, but there’s proof that it might be linked to inflammation and hormonal imbalance.

While there’s still no universal agreement on the existence of chronic fatigue syndrome, it appears like CBD is one step ahead in providing a viable treatment option.

Best CBD Oils for Low Energy

If you’re always feeling sleepy or tired, try any of these:

1 – PureKana CBD Oil for Energy

The PureKana CBD Oil for energy is offered in capsule form that contains 15mg of CBD. It still contains caffeine for the needed “kick,” but you can’t equate it to your regular cup of coffee. Each capsule contains the vitamins B1, B6, and B12, along with thiamin and vegetable cellulose.

For every one part of caffeine, you get five parts of CBD oil – a ratio that emphasizes long-lasting energy over a quick boost that caffeine provides.

The manufacturer wants you to take two capsules per day to maximize the benefits. This CBD oil in capsule form is a non-GMO and certified organic product.

2 – MedTerra CBD Oil

MedTerra CBD Oil is advertised as a natural energy booster with 99% CBD content. Offered in capsule form, the 25mg of CBD is reinforced with 40mg of caffeine and traces of vitamins B6 and B12.

Since it’s a wellness blend, the inclusion of ginger root, turmeric, ashwagandha, and maca root extract is no surprise.

This product is known for its quick and high absorption rate, even though it is taken orally. The manufacturer suggests that you take it every morning for that needed kick to start the day.

3 – Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

The difference between Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and most other CBD-based energy capsules is that it doesn’t contain caffeine.

The brand sells the idea that CBD in its purest form can raise energy levels without the help of caffeine. Since this is a full-spectrum CBD oil product, you may have to go easy on the amount.

Its most significant advantage is that you get to choose different flavours and concentrations. Consuming 2ml of CBD oil is more than enough to provide a burst of energy for a short period.

What’s in an Ideal CBD Oil for Energy?

The assumption is that 10mg per serving of CBD oil is enough to kickstart your day. But because most people don’t seem to get enough of it, brands are forced to reinforce their products with caffeine.

Adding more CBD doesn’t make sense from a revenue perspective as it would mean increasing the price.

So, caffeine is the next best thing as reinforcement. Interestingly, CBD and caffeine seem to work together. CBD boosts energy levels, but it doesn’t work as a stimulant as caffeine does.

Aside from caffeine, there’s a handful of essential components of CBD oil for an energy boost, including L-theanine (reduces the side effects of caffeine), Rhodiola Rosea, vitamin B12, and Coenzyme Q10, which helps in reducing fatigue.

Determining the right dose of CBD oil leads to an immediate and consistent effect.

However, every product is different in terms of CBD content, reinforcement of other ingredients, and dose. Also, each person responds differently to the intake of CBD; factors like tolerance, weight, age, and general well-being all come into play.


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