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CBD has exploded onto the health and wellness scene as scientists have recently discovered it’s almost-magical properties. But CBD has actually been used for centuries to help with a variety of ailments.
Ancient kings and queens, nobles, and commoners alike from different civilizations have used CBD for all types of medical purposes. With this history in mind,
Completely CBD was founded by a ground of passionate entrepreneurs who believe that CBD is important – and for many modern people, an untapped tool – to help decrease symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.
We saw that most CBD on the market was vastly overpriced and low-grade. We believe that consumers deserved better. Everybody should have access to high-quality, Canadian-grown CBD products. But we are not just a CBD company. We are so much more which is why our mission is simple: to provide you with the necessary tools so you can live a long, fulfilled lifestyle, free of pain and suffering because everybody has the right to this fundamental principle.
That is why we will treat you not just as a transaction but as a person. And we get you. So browse our collection of high quality and effective CBD products and see for yourself how different we are. We have anything from chocolate to tinctures to creams for you or your furry friend! We guarantee you will find what you’re looking for and you’ll be satisfied to keep coming back.

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